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With another summer approaching, as many people are dealing with flooding and still recovering from devastating bushfires, we must prepare for climate impacts on our healthcare system now. Action is needed at every level to address climate change.

Victoria’s upcoming state election is a crucial opportunity to tell our local leaders that we expect them to act.

If you’re a Victorian, will you take a minute to email your state leaders and tell them they need to act now to create a healthy climate future?

As we’ve seen, the increased intensity and frequency of recent floods and fires predicted by climate science can have a significant impact on public health. This puts pressure on our healthcare system. We need to ensure it is resilient to future challenges posed by the changing climate.

As trusted community members, health professionals like you have a unique opportunity to make our voices heard. The Victorian election is an important chance to use our platforms to make change.

By taking two minutes to send an email to your state leaders during this election period, you’ll let them know how important it is to take action to protect our healthcare system from climate change.

We are asking all parties and candidates to commit to:  

  • Achieving net zero healthcare emissions by 2040
  • Creating a Climate Friendly Health System Innovation Fund to provide grants to local health services for emissions reduction and sustainability initiatives
  • Investing in a Climate Ready Health System Research Fund to identify resilience strategies suited to our health system
  • Supporting the development and updating of locally led resilience and adaptation plans for the healthcare sector, guided by Aboriginal and Torres Strait knowledge
  • Auditing, monitoring and reporting on healthcare system emissions

Use the form on the right to enter your details and send a message to your leaders. It only takes a minute.

Your message will be sent to Premier Daniel Andrews, Leader of the Opposition Matthew Guy, Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas, Shadow Minister Georgie Crozier, Minister for Environment and Climate Action Lily D’Ambrosio and Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change James Newbury.

Email your state leaders

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